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Gina is an industry expert and leader in the skin care field with over 25 years of experience. Raised in Western Europe, she studied chemistry and advanced treatment and ultimately chose to come to New York City where she spent many years working under world renown Dermatologists and plastic surgeons, developing unique products and procedures for skin treatment.

In 2004, Gina founded Skintology, an award-winning medical spa based in NYC and subsequently decided to focus her entire energy on developing natural and organic products for the skin. Her belief is that while procedures work wonders for the body, natural and organic products can do far more to protect healthy skin, prevent damage, stimulate skin cells and activate premature aging.

SkinShine Bar is a unique and premiere line of skin care products designed by Gina herself. With all natural and organic ingredients mixed with Gina’s skillful techniques, infusing micromolecular stem cell and safe antioxidants, these products will give you the repair, growth and healing your skin needs.